Fenty Beauty Slip Shine Lipstick Review

The new Fenty Slip Shine Lipsticks recently launched at Fenty Beauty and Sephora, and these beauties are gorgeous!

Fenty Beauty describes the Slip Shine lipsticks as lightweight, nourishing, and ultra comfortable, with sheer color and full-on shine. The lipstick can be layered for buildable coverage. They are also clinically proven to lock in moisture, thanks to the use of pomegranate butter (labeled as Punica Granatum Sterols) in the ingredient list.

Fenty Slip Shine Lipstick Colors

The Slip Shine lipsticks come in ten wearable shades and are $22 each:

  • 01 Quartz Candy (Clear color with pink iridescence)
  • 02 $uga Kiss (Bubblegum pink color)
  • 03 Tang Thang (Red orange color)
  • 04 Makeout Break (Latte nude color)
  • 05 Glazed (Peachy pink color)
  • 06 Retro Rose (Dusty pink color)
  • 07 Goji Gang (Rosey mauve color)
  • 08 Cookies & Cocoa (Cocoa berry color)
  • 09 Bubblerum (Chocolate brown color)
  • 10 Vamps Who Brunch (Plum color with blue iridescence)

I purchased five of the colors: Tang Thang, Makeout Break, Glazed, Retro Rose, and Goji Gang.

The Packaging

Fenty Slip Shine Lipstick Packaging

I opened the Slip Shine lipsticks the minute I received them in the mail and was surprised at how lightweight the packaging is. It is probably one of the lightest lipstick bullets I own! However, I appreciate the weight, as I can slip it into my handbag and it won’t add any heaviness to my (already heavy) purse.

The entire lipstick container is beveled, which I absolutely love, as it looks very luxurious. The packaging takes on a cream or silver color, depending on how it catches the light. Plus, the container is super shiny. Overall, I think the packaging of the Slip Shine lipsticks is beautiful!

Application, Texture, and Wear Time

Fenty Slip Shine Lipstick

The Slip Shine lipsticks apply like a dream. One swipe gives a lovely wash of color, and you can layer each one for more intensity. The texture feels like that of a lip balm—comfortable, hydrating, and lightweight. Additionally, there is no stickiness, and each lipstick makes my lips look smooth and plump. I do notice a very slight sweet fragrance, but it goes away right after application.

Every Slip Shine lipstick I tried applied evenly, with no streaking or texture. However, it was very hot in my room when I was first trying them, and I noticed that the lipsticks did melt a bit. This led to some larger pieces of the lipstick sticking to my lips as I applied. So, I’d suggest not leaving them in your car on a hot day or taking them to the beach, and keep them out of the sun or high temperatures in your home.

There is a small amount of micro glitter in each of the colors, though the glitter is most apparent in Tang Thang. While you can see the micro glitter in the lipstick itself, I don’t actually see it when it’s on my lips. However, if you like taking product photos, that glitter in the bullet photographs beautifully in the sun!

Fenty Slip Shine Lipstick in Tang Thang
See that micro glitter in Tang Thang? So pretty!

The wear time is standard for a product like this that is both sheer and shiny. The color lasts for a few hours on me, and my lips feel hydrated the entire time the product is on my lips. Normally, my lips get dry quite quickly, so feeling my lips smooth and nourished for multiple hours is a huge bonus!

Fenty Slip Shine Lipstick Swatches

Tang Thang is my favorite of the bunch! The beautiful tangerine color is playful and perfect for a hot summer day. This color is the most opaque of all the ones I tried.

Fenty Beauty Slip Shine Lipstick Tang Thang

Makeout Break is a very sheer nude. It has the least amount of pigment of the colors I tried, and I wish it was slightly more opaque. However, it would be beautiful for no-makeup makeup days.

Fenty Beauty Slip Shine Lipstick Makeout Break

Glazed is a super flattering peachy pink color. It is slightly darker and more pigmented than Makeout Break. I think I’ll be reaching for this color frequently!

Fenty Beauty Slip Shine Lipstick Glazed

Retro Rose is a dusty rose color. It is a perfect my-lips-but-better shade. This color, like the rest of the shades, applies evenly and has a ton of shine.

Fenty Beauty Slip Shine Lipstick Retro Rose

Goji Gang is a pretty rosey mauve color. It’s the darkest of the colors I purchased, and this is not only a fun shade for summer, but it will also be a lovely shade once we transition into fall! It is very similar to Retro Rose, though it is slightly darker, with a bit more red in it.

Fenty Slip Shine Lipstick Goji Gang

Should You Buy the Slip Shine Lipsticks from Fenty Beauty?

Yes! Overall, I love these lipsticks and highly recommend them. They are comfortable, hydrating, and the colors are stunning! Which of these is your favorite color?

Fenty Slip Shine Lipstick Swatches

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