ZeeSea Cosmetics: Review of the Palace Identity Line

If you like bold, luxurious packaging and beautiful products, you need to try ZeeSea Cosmetics! I first saw this brand over on Instagram, and I knew I needed these products on my shelf! Aren’t they gorgeous? Here is my honest review of the Palace Identity foundation, and a bonus review of the lipstick from the same collection.

About ZeeSea Cosmetics

I had never heard of the brand before seeing the packaging on Instagram, but I went straight to ZeeSea Cosmetics’s website and purchased the foundation and lipstick. While there, I dug around to learn a bit more about the brand. ZeeSea Cosmetics launched in 2011 in China, and their goal is to merge makeup and art into one. Their collaborations with artists and museums include the Enchanting Egypt Collection with the British Museum and the Genius Picasso Collection in collaboration with the Picasso family. I purchased from the Palace Identity Collection, which includes several other products with incredible packaging. ZeeSea Cosmetics are cruelty free.

Cost + Packaging

ZeeSea Cosmetics Packaging

The Chinese Phoenix foundation retails for $35.00 USD for 20ml of product. Shipping was quite fast. My order arrived from overseas within 8 business days. Everything was packaged incredibly well. Tons of bubble wrap!

Speaking of packaging, I appreciate the attention to detail that ZeeSee Cosmetics gives to the box itself. The packaging feels luxurious and substantial. I almost want to keep the box just for display! The products themselves are just as stunning in person as they are in these photos. The foundation bottle is weighted well, and the detail on the phoenix is amazing. The Chinese Dragon lipstick is the same. So much intricate detail, and both product packages are amazing!

ZeeSea Cosmetics Phoenix Foundation review

ZeeSea Palace Identity Foundation Review

Application + Wear Time

Let’s start here: This foundation is a filter in a bottle. I’m serious. It blurs out pores and is full coverage without being cakey. My oily skin loves it, as it lasts throughout the day without getting greasy. I only powder once in the morning with this foundation, and it’s good to go. It doesn’t settle in or exaggerate my fine lines, either. It just looks like I have hydrated, even skin. Check out my YouTube video for a look at real-time application!


I purchased shade W02, which is an amazing match for my muted olive skin. Compared to my other perfect foundation matches, I’d say it’s a bit more neutral and bright. See the swatches below for comparison.

ZeeSea Phoenix Foundation swatch W02
Muted olive undertone zeesea cosmetics foundation swatch
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Now, the bad: This foundation only comes in 3 shades. They’re all basically the same lightness, with different undertones. For such a beautiful foundation, I truly hope the brand expands to be more diverse and inclusive.

Should You Buy the ZeeSea Cosmetics Foundation?

If you love intricate and stunning packaging, yes, go get this! And if you are fair and want a full-coverage, yet weightless foundation, give this one a try. However, the foundation obviously won’t work for anyone with a deeper skin tone than me (which is a LOT of people!). Again, I truly hope ZeeSea Cosmetics expands their shade range in the near future. What do you think of the foundation?

Bonus Review: ZeeSea Cosmetics Chinese Dragon Lipstick

ZeeSea Chinese Dragon Lipstick
ZeeSea Cosmetics Chinese Dragon Lipstick

I also purchased the Chinese Dragon lipstick in the shade M05, which is a deeper mauve. If you love the packaging from this brand but the foundation won’t work for you, I’d suggest checking out the lipsticks. ZeeSea Cosmetics has a much wider range of colors in their lipsticks, with deep red-brown to light mauve shades. In addition to the Palace Identity lipstick I purchased, the Picasso Velvet Matte lipsticks have an even larger shade range, including a gorgeous nude all the way to a deep red.

The bullet on the Chinese Dragon lipstick features a beautiful, intricate design. The pigmentation is smooth and opaque. While the formula feels a bit dry on my lips, it’s what I would expect that from a matte lipstick like this. It has average lasting power—while not longwearing, it lasts until I eat. This is pretty normal for matte lipsticks for me. However, as far as matte lipsticks go, this is one of my most comfortable formulas. I think this color would be flattering on so many different skintones!

ZeeSea Cosmetics Chinese Dragon Lipstick swatch M05

ZeeSea Cosmetics Coupon Code

If you purchase from the ZeeSea Cosmetics, get 15% off your order with code “15off“! What did you get?

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