Natasha Denona Bronze Palette Review + Tutorial

The recently released Natasha Denona Bronze Palette is one of the must-have palettes for summer 2020. With its 15 vivid warm-toned shades, you can create a multitude of effortless eye looks for both day and night!

The palette is $65 USD for 19.25g / 0.67oz of product, is cruelty-free and paraben-free, and can be purchased at Sephora, Beautylish, or on Natasha Denona’s official site.

The Packaging

Natasha Denona Bronze Palette

Like most Natasha Denona packaging, the Bronze palette has a sturdy, hard outer casing, though it doesn’t feel bulky. The front of the palette is a gorgeous reflective bronze. Fair warning, though—the cover gets dirty very quickly! Mine is currently filled with fingerprints, since I’ve been using it nearly every day since I bought it. However, it is very easy to wipe clean if you want the cover to remain fingerprint-free. The front cover can also fold all the way back, so the palette can lay fully flat.

The inside of the Natasha Denona Bronze palette features a full-size mirror, which I LOVE. I also appreciate the arrangement of the palette, as similar colors are grouped together. For instance, the lower right side of the palette features a gold-toned quad, while the left side contains most of the rich red and bronze shades. The palette also places two of my favorite colors—deep dive and rhodium—right next to each other for an easy pairing. Of course, you can use any of the palette’s colors together in one eye look, but the arrangement of the palette helps you mix and match colors quite easily.

Natasha Denona Bronze Palette Colors

Natasha Denona Bronze Palette Swatches

The Natasha Denona Bronze palette features 15 pigmented, buttery-smooth shades in matte, satin, duochrome, crystal, and metallic finishes:

  • True Copper: warm copper (metallic)
  • Suntan: warm medium brown (matte)
  • Sundown: medium-light yellow-brown (matte)
  • Deep Dive: deep brown eggplant (satin, cream-to-powder finish)
  • Rhodium: medium warm purple with silver reflect (duochrome)
  • Magma: rich red brown (matte)
  • High Degree: rich red copper (metallic)
  • Alloy: vivid bronze with golden reflect (duochrome)
  • Ridge: medium warm mustard brown (matte)
  • True Bronze: foil bronze (chroma crystal)
  • Gloaming: burnt umber with bronze reflect (duochrome)
  • Palladium: warm bronze pink taupe (metallic)
  • Bliss: red pink with golden green reflect (duochrome)
  • Silk: foiled champagne (metallic)
  • Beach: light warm nude (matte)

While several of these shades look similar when you first glance at the colors, I found that I was able to create some very different looks with this one palette. See below for three of these looks and how you can create them, or check out my video to see the application in real time!

Application and Texture

Every single shadow in the Natasha Denona Bronze palette applies like a dream! The matte shadows are the best I have ever tried. They blend out seamlessly and are not patchy or powdery. Additionally, each of the matte shadows in the palette are pigmented and smooth in texture. I appreciate that the mattes span from light nude (Beach) to a rich red brown (Magma), but I do wish there was one light matte cream shade in the palette. However, Beach works as a good transition color on my light warm-olive undertone, so the lack of an even lighter shade is not a deal-breaker for me.

Like the matte shadows, the metallic and duochrome shades in this palette apply smoothly and evenly. Each of these shadows are pigmented, vibrant, and shimmery. I prefer to apply the metallic and duochrome shades with my finger for maximum color payoff, though you could also use a damp brush, as well. Some of the metallic shadows do have a small bit of fallout, so I’d suggest doing your eye makeup before the rest of your face makeup for easy cleanup.

Wear Time

The biggest drawback of the palette, in my opinion, is the wear time. I bought this palette in the middle of summer and found that the hot weather and my naturally oily eyelids caused these shadows to crease and fade quickly. I tried all of my favorite primers with the shadows, including the Urban Decay Primer Potion, the Nars Pro Prime Eyeshadow Base, and the Milani Eyeshadow Primer, and none helped the shadows last longer. When I tried a Mac Paint Pot, as a primer, I got a few more hours of wear out of the shadows, but these shadows just don’t hold up well if it is hot and humid out.

However, now that we are entering the cooler months where I live, I do find that the shadow lasts much longer. I’m starting to get close to 12 hours of wear time, with only a bit of fading on my lids by the end of the day. So, the wear time—at least for me—is about half a day in hot weather, but nearly a full day, with minimal fading, when the weather is cooler.

3 Eye Looks with the Natasha Denona Bronze Palette

The following three looks are super easy and take under 5 minutes to complete!

The Minimal Eye Look

Natasha Denona Bronze Palette Tutorial
  1. Fluff Beach in the crease and onto the outer half of the eye using a blending brush like the 301 Base Shadow Brush from Real Techniques.
  2. Using Magma, line the outer half of the eye and the lower lash line, and define the crease. A detail brush like this works well.
  3. Deepen the upper lash line with Deep Dive on a liner brush. I used a liner brush like the one from this Sephora set.

The Deep Purple Smokey Eye Look

Natasha Denona Bronze Palette Tutorial
  1. Blend Suntan over the crease using a blending brush.
  2. Place Deep Dive on the outer edge of the upper lid. I used the same blending brush as the first step, but you can also use a flat brush to lay down the color.
  3. Using your fingers, put Rhodium over the rest of the lid.
  4. With a small flat brush, define the lower lash line with the same colors—Suntan, Deep Dive, and Rhodium.
  5. Using your fingers, put Bliss in the center of the upper lid.

The Deep Bronze Smokey Eye Look

Natasha Denona Bronze Palette Tutorial
  1. Taking Magma on a blending brush, define the crease and outer corner of the eye.
  2. Using your fingers, place High Degree over the rest of the lid.
  3. With a small flat brush, define the lower lash line with the same colors—Magma and High Degree.
  4. With a small detail brush, place Silk in the inner corner.

Should You Buy the Natasha Denona Bronze Palette?

Yes! While I was originally disappointed in the wear time, I’m happy to see that it was just the hot summer weather that was causing the shadows to fade. The warm color story is beautiful, and I know I will continue to reach for these shades as we transition to fall.

I appreciate that all of the shadows are pigmented, super smooth, and vibrant. And, again, the matte shades are the best I have ever tried. Even if I never used the metallic and duochrome shades, I would buy this palette for the warm mattes alone!

And honestly, I am using this daily. It is just so easy to work with. The shadows blend effortlessly, and I can create multiple different eye looks quickly, with minimal brushes and time. I am so glad I added this palette to my collection. Do you own a Natasha Denona palette, or will you be adding this Bronze palette to your own collection?

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