A Round-Up of the Best Fashionable Face Masks

To help stop the spread of Covid-19, a new, necessary accessory is dominating 2020: the face mask. And if face masks are needed for the foreseeable future, we might as well make them stylish! I’ve purchased several face masks in different colors and fabrics, and I have several more on my list to purchase. Here is a round-up and review of my favorite fashionable face masks!

Fashionable Silk and Satin Face Masks

Fashionable Silk Face Mask in Ivory

Silk vs. Satin

Ah, silk. It’s a luxurious fabric that feels smooth and comfortable on the skin. Silk can even keep skin hydrated, so it’s a great choice for mask fabric. While there are a few 100% silk face masks on the market (these are gorgeous prints), most are made of satin—a type of weave that usually includes silk fibers.

Satin Mask Review

Three Silk Face Masks

I purchased this set of three silk satin face masks on Etsy, and the fabric did not disappoint. I love that the masks come in 10 different colors, and you can choose which three you want during checkout. You can also purchase masks individually from the same seller.

The masks cover much of my face and fit comfortably, with no gaping around the edges. These masks are also soft and very easy to breathe in, and they haven’t irritated my skin or caused maskne. The ivory mask is my favorite, not only because the neutral color goes with nearly everything, but also because it matches my pearl necklace so well! I did find that the black mask was a bit tighter than the other two in the set. But, I was able to stretch out the straps, and it fits quite comfortably now.

Since I still wear makeup under my mask, I was happy to find that any makeup transfer washed out easily at the end of the day. I usually wash out any makeup stains first by hand, using dish soap. However, I would suggest cleaning these in cold water only. I accidentally started to hand wash the red mask in warm water, and the dye started to run. (Luckily, I caught it quick enough, and the mask is still a vibrant red.) Once I clean any makeup off the mask, I then put it in a laundry bag and clean it on the delicate cycle in my washer. These face masks have held their shape and cleaned beautifully after multiple washings. I highly recommend them!

Fashionable Cotton Face Masks

Black Cotton Face Mask

Solid Color Masks

Cotton is one of the best fabrics for stopping incoming particles from Covid-19. Because of this, tons of brands are creating beautiful, fashionable face masks made of 100% cotton. This set of four black masks as my first mask purchase, and I love them! Like the silk masks above, these are breathable and comfortable. They do not cover as much of my face as the silk masks, but thankfully there is no gaping around the sides.

I appreciate that these masks include an adjustable nose bridge. Not only does this help the mask fit comfortably, but it also keeps my glasses from fogging up. These masks wash well in both delicate and normal wash cycles. However, if you have pets, just know that the black fabric does attract pet fur quickly!

Patterned Masks

Fashionable Face Mask

Besides solid colors, pure cotton masks also come in a multitude of designs. Of the masks I’ve personally purchased, the design on this butterfly mask (sold out, similar here) is my current favorite. It costs $6 (including shipping) and is one of 40 unique patterns. The mask came with two filters that can be placed in the pocket of the mask. I do think the fabric on this particular mask is a bit thin, so I’d highly recommend using the reusable filter each time you wear it.

Cleaning makeup off this mask takes a bit more time than the others I’ve bought, but with a bit of scrubbing, makeup does wash out. While the cleaning directions say to hand wash only, I do use the hand wash and delicate cycles on my washing machine to clean it. The mask still looks brand new after several washes.

I am eyeing several other patterned masks made of 100% cotton. The brand masQd creates gorgeous designs. My favorite is their coral blossom face mask. I also love the pattern on these cotton face masks made by artisans in Ghana.  

Fashionable Face Masks in Blended Fabrics

Skims Face Mask

I purchased one mask made of blended fabrics—97% nylon and 3% spandex—from Skims. Firstly, I LOVE that these masks come in varying shades to fit a range of skin tones. I bought the lightest color, Sand. This mask is very easy to breathe in. But, my skin sweats a bit more in the blended fabric, and I have noticed a bit of acne pop up if I wear the mask for several hours. However, I do love it for shorter periods of wear time. Ultimately, if you have sensitive skin or skin prone to acne, I’d suggest sticking with silk or cotton fabrics.

Fashionable Face Masks that Support a Cause

Many companies are giving portions of their mask proceeds to charity. So, if you want to purchase a mask that not only looks pretty, but helps other causes as well, check out these 5 brands!

  • Alice + Olivia boasts whimsical patterns and sophisticated designs throughout their line. (See one of their dresses on me here.) Their masks feature that same design aesthetic and have triple layer protection. Plus, a portion of each mask sale is being donated to No Kid Hungry to help feed children in the US who do not have access to food.
  • Suzannah London is donating 50% of all profits from their gorgeous Peruvian Lily face mask to Emergency Designer Network, which works with local production facilities to keep hospitals supplied with needed garments, such as scrubs.
  • If you love animals, consider purchasing a mask from Crumbs & Whiskers. This cat cafe partners with rescues to save homeless cats and kittens at risk of euthanasia in high kill shelters. Their cat cafes in LA and D.C. offer a place to play with adoptable cats, drink coffee, and adopt. I’ve been to their LA cafe, and it is every cat lover’s dream. They take amazing care of their cats, and to date, have adopted 1,612 cats and saved 3,311 more from euthanasia. Their cat cafes have unfortunately had to close during Covid-19, so any purchases made from the site supports the Crumbs & Whiskers team, and the cats, while their D.C. and LA locations are not open.
  • PuraVida has partnered with Vera Bradley on these two beautiful floral face masks, made of 100% cotton. The brand is donating 5% of the purchase price of each mask to Direct Relief, which works in the US and throughout the world to provide essential medial resources to doctors and nurses.
  • Any mask purchase from The Breast Cancer Site means that another mask will be donated to a frontline worker in need. (Be sure to use code GIVEAMASK at checkout for the donation to process.) Plus, each purchase helps fund mammograms! My favorite patterns are these adorable giraffes and these fair trade tie-dye purple masks.

Have any of these face masks caught your eye, or do you already have a favorite fashionable face mask? And please stay safe out there!

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